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Ricardo Mena I Writer

Ricardo Mena I Writer

"Ver Begin" (teaser book), written by Ricardo MenaSpecialized in International Trade and Maritime Law for the University of Southampton (LLM Maritime Law, 2001) and a lover of philosophy, music and art, Ricardo Mena has been writing essays and short stories in diverse webpages since the year 2002 (v.g. Letralia.comBadosa.com,Ellibrepensador.com).

In the year 2009 he had the pleasure to participate in the Third International George Santayana Conference that took place in Valencia with his personal communication “Santayana y la poesía primera.”

Shakespeare, Mozart and Picasso as creators, with Aristotle, Santayana and Richard Dawkins as thinkers, form the peak of his present canon, always subject to the continuous Heraclitian fluctuations (i.e. you will never ever bath in the same object twice).