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The Faerie Queene I Teaser Book

Teaser book of John Donne´s The Faerie Queene translated for the first time to Spanish language by the writer Ricardo Mena.

  • Date: 2015-2016
  • Product: Teaser Book
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Client: Ricardo Mena
  • Web: AMAZON
  • Director: Juanma Liceras
  • Script: Paulino Cuevas & Juanma Liceras
  • Producer/s: Paulino Cuevas
  • Production Assistant: Lydia del Río
  • Grip: Arturo Fernández
  • Art Dep: Álvaro Kuns Téllez (Art Dept.) & Miguel Gonçalves (Wardrobe Dept.)
  • Make Up: David Lara
  • Casting: Norberto Rizzo (Casting Director)
  • CGI: Juanma Liceras