Legionario during the shooting Fortuna Ciega [Blind Fortune] directed by Ramon Gieling
Poster of the feature documentary Blind Fortune directed by Ramon Gieling. In this poster we see a blind young boy of twelve years listening music
Shooting in the streets of Sevilla with a flamenco singer. Filming Fortuna Ciega [Blind Fortune] directed by Ramon Gieling

Blind Fortune (2011), directed by Ramon Gieling

Euromedia Film Services and M30M coproduced this European coproduction lead by PVH Films (NL).

In Spain every day, in every city you see people buying a lottery ticket from a blind vendor at a street corner. Blind Fortune moves into the world of blind lottery vendors in Malaga and Sevilla. We are diving into their universe of moving darkness, motionless shadows and grey spots. At the same time we are telling the story of the winners and losers of the lottery, of the dreams and illusions the blind vendors sell.

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