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Another Love, un filme de Victor Perez

Por Paulino Cuevas Another Love es el primer cortometraje de Victor Perez. Una película de una gran calidad cinematográfica, sensual, trágica e íntima con la que su director consigue transmitir toda suerte de emociones. Como si de la paleta colores > leer más

Juzcar Smurf Village

Hidden between rocky mountains, Juzcar was a typical Andalusian village with narrow streets, white houses, a small square and a church until one day the people of the village decided to be ‘blue’. Transforming into ‘Smurf Village’, Juzcar provides a > leer más

Euromedia logo Transformation 1999-2014

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Euromedia we decided to change to a complete new corporate image that includes a logo transformation. This logo has different meanings. From a Feng Shui point of view is a blue (water) color that represents > leer más

The app of Game of Thrones

The naked true is that Game of Thrones is my favourite tv show ever the second true is that this epic fantasy serie is breaking records of legal and ilegal audience. Besides the negative impact of piracy the fact is > leer más