Legal and consultancy services

Improving business management for the creative industries.

Euromedia Consulting is a specialized consultancy service whose primary objective is to improve the business management practices and profitability of companies and entrepreneurs working in creative and cultural industries. Our services include specialized business advice and support, market research, advice on trading and funding opportunities, creative workshops and training, workspace management and networking opportunities.

Proven methodology.

Euromedia Consulting uses a proven methodology tested in countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain and The Netherlands. We have a substantial track record in developing and delivering transnational projects. Our international vision helps us identify opportunities and find innovative solutions using our extensive network of contacts.

Euromedia Consulting offers its services in both Spanish and English in order to meet the demands of the growing community of European citizens living and working in Spain.

Creative Business Advice & Support

Specialized advice to meet the needs of both companies and individuals. At our first meeting we conduct a business health check of your project (at no cost and with no obligation). By translating the language of business into the language of our clients we can offer you our clear and objective opinion.

Creative Workshops

Euromedia Consulting organizes workshops to help you develop your business and/or creative projects. The creative workshops are an opportunity to review business strategies for example. They also offer the appropriate environment to create new contacts and establish industry synergies with like-minded professionals.

Creative Focus

A workshop aimed at increasing your profitability and helping you generate the economic, social and cultural benefits you want to achieve from production related activities. We help you create and implement an overall company strategy, building on your professional experience, skills and creativity, while never losing sight of your target market. Euromedia Consulting believes in a sustainable business model in which creativity and business are compatible and viable.

Finance for the Creative Industries

As soon as an inquiry is made, we request the script, the shooting schedule and the budget. Our objective is to ensure that these important documents have already been finalized. In some cases, we assist our clients with the elaboration of project documents. These documents are examined in detail. We follow up the process with meetings with any and all relevant personnel whose views on the project are deemed helpful. On the basis of these views and explanations, along with the papers submitted, we assist our clients in deciding whether the project presented is feasible as presented, or if further project tweaking is required to get it to that stage.

Industrias Creativas & Co. provides the essential tools for media financial planning. This is an important management tool that aims to maximize the success potential of a project. To assist you achieve your objectives, we will support you through using and interpreting essential financial tools that have been adapted for specific usage in the creative and media production sector.

Guerrilla Marketing

We provide a combination of modern marketing, innovation, creativity and simple survival techniques for creative people. Industrias Creativas & Co. will support you in attracting and keeping clients, as well as improving the visibility of your products and services.

Some examples of our work

Euromedia Consulting (Euromedia Cuevas, S.L.) had been participating as partner and project managers in numerous EU projects such: ICE Project (Incubators for Cultural Enterprises); 3C4 IncubatorsOnscene (Organising New Skills For Creative Enterprise And Networks In Europe – Scenography); Euroscreen (Interreg IVC aim boosting the business potencial between film and tourism sector), Green Screens (aim to reduce the carbon footprint in the media industry across Europe), etc. Beside that we also boosted the Creative Industries in Spain for the first time through the project Proyecto Lunar for the Andalusia Government. This project was conducted by Otravista Consulting (UK).

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