Creative Industries

Euromedia has extensive experience of supporting clients in the public and private sectors with the operational delivery of UE Projects related with the Creative Industries sector (Industrias Creativas). This experience dates back to the late 90s and some of the best examples of our work in this front you can see in this page.

Theme: Creative Industries
Client: Andalusia Government
Client/ Partner: Otravista Consulting (London, UK)
Program: ad hoc
Execution and implementation of the Proyecto Lunar led by Otravista Consulting (London, UK) for the Andalusia Government.
Comprehensive plan for the  support of creative enterprises in the province of Malaga (Andalusia region, SPAIN) and Seville. During the year in question (2007), interventions were conducted with more than 150 companies in the Creative Industries sector in the province of Malaga.
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Theme: Creative Industries and Creative Incubators
Client: Promalaga, Local Development Agency (Municipality of Málaga)
Partners: Portugal (Evora, lead partner), Italy, Greece and Spain.
Program: MED
Assisting Promalaga, the Regional Development Agency of the Municipality of Malaga and the SMEs from their incubator spaces: In supporting the execution and implementation of the ICE Program, we tutored twelve SMEs for a period of fourteen months and provided them with specialized one-to-one  consultancy as well as a set of management tools designed for the creative sector. A key output of this Project was the creation of  two incubators spaces in Málaga city: Las Virreinas and La Píndola.
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Theme: Creative Industries and Creative Incubators
Client: Promalaga, Local Development Agency (Municipality of Málaga)
Partners: Portugal (Évora, lead partner), Italy (Lazio Region, Rome), Greece and Spain.
Program: CAP/ MED
Assisting Promalaga and SMEs from their incubator spaces: supporting the execution and implementation of 3C4 Incubators. Project partners worked to promote the cultural and creative sector as a vehicle for territorial development and an engine of economic and social innovation as well as supporting cultural and creative SMEs, cultural initiatives and incubators through networking approaches and newly developed tools.
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Theme: Arts & Heritage
Client/ Partner: Otravista Consulting (London, UK)
We worked with Otravista Consulting on the production of a study which explored the potential for more effective bi and multilateral B2B collaboration between museums and art galleries across Europe. The client was UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) a department of the UK government.
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Theme: Digital Contents
Client: AES Consulting
Program: REINDUS
Preparation of a proposal and delivery of specialist consultancy services in the field of digital content, in partnership with AES Consulting. Over a period of nine months Creative Industries & Co, Euromedia advised numerous companies in the Bay of Cadiz (SPAIN). Cadiz Digital was funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry through Reindus program.

Theme: Music
Partner: Culture of the Municipality of Málaga and the MIMMA
Program: CULTURE Program
Development and presentation of a proposal to the Culture Programme of the European Union,  for the creation of an Interactive Museum Network Music. As a result of this piece of work, the MIMMA (Malaga Interactive Music Museum) obtained additional funding of 180,000 euro.

Theme: Screen Tourism
Partners: UK, Sweden, Malta, Romania, Poland, Slovenia and Spain
Euroscreen was an eight-country, nine- partner Interreg IVC project in which Promalaga, the Malaga Municipality’s development arm was a partner. Euromedia was engaged by Promalaga as the specialist external consultancy which helped the organisation to fulfill its role within the project. The overall purpose of EuroScreen was to maximise the economic and cultural synergies between the screen (audiovisual media: cinema, television, advertising, video games, apps) and tourism sectors in order to achieve an increase in innovation, competitiveness and growth for both. The project also supported the exchange and promotion of industry best practice and it continues to impact on related policy in the partner states.
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Theme: scenography and stagecraft
Partners: Italy, Greece, UK and Spain (
Program: LEONARDO Da Vinci
Organizing New Skills for Creative Enterprises and Networks in Europe (Onscene), was a two-year project which worked to promote professions related to scenography and stagecraft in four European countries: Italy, Spain, UK and Greece. The overall aim of the project was to contribute to the growth of the Creative and Cultural industries in Europe, with a particular focus on non-formal education, the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).
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Theme: video games
Client: University of Malaga
Partner: Mindiff
Program: research
DNemesis is the name of a research project which focuses on AI (artificial intelligence) apply to video games. This  project involved Euromedia and a Research Group from the University of Málaga which is  led by a Professor/ Principal Researcher in Software Engineering.
The overall goal of the project is to develop an ethical approach which can be applied across distributed sytems in order to identify( in a controlled environment), subjectively interesting random solutions emerging in search and optimization problems in which there is a high degree of interaction amongst the components/entities which model them. To carry out the project DNemeis the research team will use the engine PLAGUE this is an engine which is capable of developing games such as ‘triple A’ as Starcraft II, Diablo III, and which can be used for the creation all kinds of games such RPG and ETR too.
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Theme: film and tv
Client: Promalaga
Partners: Film London (UK) – Lead Partner; Bucharest Ilfov Regional Development Agency (Romania); Flanders Audiovisual Fund (Belgium); Ile-de-France Film Commission (France); Municipality of Ystad (Sweden); Municipal Company of Initiatives of Malaga S.A. – Promlaga (Spain); Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (Poland) and Regional Development Agency Senec – Pezinok (Slovakia)
Program: research
Green Screen aims to reduce the carbon footprint of European film and TV production.
The film and TV industries are a successful driver for growth across Europe, but they are also a major source of carbon emissions. Productions move between locations and affect the environment through their use of transport, construction, lighting, catering and water. Some companies have recognised the environmental impact of their activities and are changing working practices to make their operations more sustainable.The project is funded by the EU’s Interreg Europe programme through the European Regional Development Fund.
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