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Lydia del Río I Researcher

Lydia del Río I Researcher

Lydia Del Río is a pharmacist with strong bonds with the show business. While working on her thesis she was co-owner of a music band in which she was the leading vocalist. She achieved 1st prize in the ‘Search for a start’ singing contest of Andalusia in 2004. In her role as a singer and songwriter she published her first music album in 2006. While working as a road manager she was involved with all the different facets of management and marketing. Those tasks included establishing and maintaining connections with booking agents, scheduling show dates, negotiating contracts and commissions, creating a social network identity of the band, launching promotional materials, making travel & hotel arrangements, coordinating artist media obligations, musical repertory, costume and stage design, ensuring artist rider requirements were met, handling personnel issues, collecting payments as well as providing financial management.

As a singer she has also worked for other songwriters putting her voice in songs later required from renowned international artists such as Celia Cruz.

Lydia has a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Navarra. She has extensive experience in documentation and research work gained throughout working in her thesis and also as a Research Associate in the Neurology Department at Pittsburgh University (USA).

Lydia is bilingual in Spanish and English