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Do you really like Digital Cinema?

This is a post in which I give a few thoughts about the aesthetic of Digital Cinema versus the traditional cinema look. I was inspire to write this post by the great Director and VFX Supervisor, Hasraf “Haz” Dulull.From the music video "Mallet Man" directed by Juanma Liceras for the metal band Adrift (Alone Records).

In my opinion the question for the coming years it will focus on the audience preferences. We has been seen and keep on watching how 3D movies are not for all audiences. This is my case, at least. Las hundred years we´ve been watching movies that our brains identify with cinema. The big screen, the grain, the language, the narrative, etc. For us these and other elements were belonging to the seven art. In other words, classic 35mm brought us to the cinema experience. I will always love because I did grow with this fake sensation of “real live”. But the appearance of real live in the motion picture it was always is a paradox since, for example, to be on focus is not what happen in real. When you look through your eyes everything is on focus, right? We got use to and most of us we like it so let it be I will say.

Digital Cinema and CGI bring us to an amazing world too much realistic most of the times and… it is shocking. We find weird for not being natural. We feel we´re watching a tv show with sharp images wrap in a kind “Kraken” of soap opera for the big screen.

I do believe we all have to get use to this years to come of great aesthetic and quality beyond cinema (as we understood during last century).