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American farm and stables

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This American stables belong to the compound of the Texas Hollywood location which offers lot of different possibilities from a production point of view. A Western-styled theme park in the province of Almería in Southern Spain. Built in the early 1970s. Around 1977, Rafa Molina, a stuntman, bought the set for US$6,000 to improve his job opportunities if the set was to be used for filming.

Actually is the biggest film studios of Western style in Europe. These decorations dating from the 60´s when Sergio Leone discovered Tabernas (Almería) and started rolling his numerous successes in the cinema, making Tabernas a reference to making movies, knows as spaghetti-western movies. Currently in Fort Bravo is still rolling films, commercials, music videos, shorts films… Also in your visit you can contemplate an authentic wooden populated American Old West, see a typical Mexican town, enter in a military fort and see an Indian village.

Other features this location offers: walks through the Western town; cowboys shows with gunfights; “poker” games in the Saloon; a bank robbery; cancan dancing; ride on horse cart; rental horses; a Saloon-Bar – Restaurant and of course desert landscape at all the time.
Source: own source and Wikipedia