Panamericana log in black with Harley Davidson style5th of July 2016 From Alaska to Ushuaia. A journey Begins. Dieter Forner, from Germany, and Karen Mc Auley, from Ireland, have both lived more than 20 years in Spain, after having travelled through more than 100 countries all over the world, will now embark on our new trip of a lifetime. Traveling on a limited budget, mostly sleeping rough in a tent, a trip full of adventure, and danger, through 15 countries. ALASKA, CANADA, USA, MEXICO, BELIZE, GUATEMALA, EL SALVADOR, HONDURAS, NICARAGUA, COSTA RICA, PANAMA, COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, PERU, CHILE, ARGENTINA. 40.000 Km, in which we will experience seeing fascinating places, wonderful countryside and meeting interesting people. We will focus our trip on discovering the fauna and animal protection throughout our journey, from bears in Alaska, pumas in middle America to penguins in Argentina, amongst many others.

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