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3C 4 Incubators

3C 4 Incubators – developing territories through culture and creativity

3C 4 Incubators

3C 4 Incubators, which started in the fall 2013, gathers nine partner organizations from 6 different countries.

Project partners strive to promote the cultural and creative sector as a factor of territorial development and an engine of economic and social innovation; support cultural and creative SMEs, Cultural Initiatives and Incubators through networking approaches and newly developed tools; promote the integration of results, experiences, project’s proposals and guidelines, contributing to the EU decision- and policy-making; and involve governing bodies in discussion while disseminating the results and outputs across the institutional network at various territorial levels.

The project is based on the know-how, tools and guidelines, developed by the consortium of partners through previous projects. By drawing on experimentation and research during the 3C 4 Incubators project activities, the past experiences and knowledge will be analyzed, developed further and gathered in a set of new project’s publications. The project is financed by the EU MED Programme, Capitalisation projects.

From 1st till 5th April the partners celebrated the Capitalisation week in Marseille (France). During this week the 3C 4 Incubators partners together with their SMEs (3 per region) organized the IDEAS & PROJECT FACTORY and the 2nd transnational meeting of the partners. These events will be enriched by a JOINT MED CAPITALISATION CONFERENCE, joining 5 capitalisation projects.

MED Capitalisation Projects Joint Conference in Marseille, April 2nd 2014
The Strategic Role of Transnational Cooperation in Enhancing Competitiveness in the Cultural and Creative Sector
Five MED capitalization projects in the field of innovation and creative clusters participated in this conference in Marseille. The European Commission considers creative industries to bear high added value enhancing the regional competitiveness. MED and other cooperation projects can contribute effectively to this challenge. The conference is a part of the “CAP WEEK Innovation Cluster”, an initiative that involves compounding 5 projects funded by the Programme MED (including the project 3C 4 Incubators) who will discuss the topic of Smart Specialization Strategies for the cultural and creative sector.

The IDEAS & PROJECT FACTORY event in Marseille, April 3rd and 4th 2014
Ideas & Project Factory is the biggest public event of the project. It will take place in Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille. The Ideas & Project Factory consisted in a workshop to support cultural ideas/enterprises, previously selected by each of the partners. A total of 25 SMEs and creative organizations from six countries joining the the event as well as 10 international tutors, who will be supporting participating organizations in preparation of good business, marketing and communication plans, thus giving them a boost in their start up.

The 3C 4 Incubators project will finish at the end of 2014 with a set of project publications: Business Model and Networking Model, aimed at helping the start ups in culture and creative industries, and the Mainstream Guide (guidelines and proposals based on research and experiences of the project and its partners), aimed at policy makers in a wish to influence the next EU programming period.

More information on the project and its partners is available on our web site:

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