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DNemesis I University of Malaga Project

Euromedia signed a research contract with UMA video games on applied artificial intelligence.

DNemesis I University of Malaga Project

caesiumDNemesis * is the name of a research project focus on AI (artificial intelligence) apply to video games. A project that involved Euromedia and a Research Group from the University of Málaga led by the Professor in Software Engineering and Principal Researcher, Antonio José Fernández Leiva.

The general goal of this project is to provide a principled approach to be applied over distributed systems for obtaining, in a controlled way, subjectively interesting solutions that emerge in an unpredictable way in search and optimization problems in which there exist a high interaction among the components/entities that model them. We propose to reach this goal via both adaptive bioinspired algorithms and user-guided search methods and hybrids thereof.

To carry out the project DNemeis the research team will have the engine PLAGUE . An engine capable of developing games “triple A” as Starcraft II, Diablo III, etc. PLAGUE can be use for developing all kinds of games such RPG and ETR tool.

The intellectual property of this powerful tool belongs to Francisco Perez.

Francisco Pérez, researcher and director of DNemesis project was a founding partner of Legend Studios for a decade. Among his most notable landmarks are the video game ” Shadow of War: The Spanish Civil War “, a game that led the ranking of sales in 2007.

The project also has Francisco González Rodríguez, as one of the main software developers specializing in video games. González studied in the University of Málaga and has been selected by Euromedia (and the UMA) from a comprehensive selection of candidates.

Although the project focuses on the study of Artificial Intelligence applied to video games word “game” has deliberately omitted. DNemesis , in general terms , is part of both the area of ​​bioinformatics and video gaming area .

The project has a blog and a Twitter account : @DNEMESISProject

* DNemesis is the acronym for Distributed NEw MEtaheuristic techniques for finding subjectively Interesting Results. Nemesis is a goddess of Greek mythology (Envy, in Roman mythology ) that punishes certain attitudes as disobedience when it is assumed to be obeyed .