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ICE I EU Project

ICE - Incubators for Cultural Enterprises” is a project financed by the MED Programme – a programme of European territorial cooperation for the Mediterranean, integrating its Axis 1: “Strengthening innovation capacities.

Paulino Cuevas, was the Project Manager and Business Adviser for a EU MED funded project “Incubators for Cultural Enterprises”, known as ICE Project. Providing specialist business advise to start-ups, micro, small businesses and third sector organisations in Malaga.

Working Areas: Creative Consultancy One 2 One; study and development of the Sustainability Model for the Cultural Incubators; co-author of “Tools´kit. A Practical Guide for Supporting Cultural Enterprises”; director of the “The Creative Business Directory Vol.01″; MED Programm_LogoCommunity Manager; Producer of “Los Sueños de Pablo” an original short movie, etc.

Considering cultural and artistic activity as a promoter of development, the I.C.E. focuses on the strengthening of SMEs involved in the art and culture sector, through the reinforcement of their competitiveness and their capacity of creating economic and social value in the concerned territories.
The I.C.E. aims at the creation of an integrated network of cultural enterprises, within which the enterprises can exchange experience and receive skilled support, in the spirit of an innovative management system. All the involved territories have a strong identity, both in terms of history and heritage, with sites classified by UNESCO, thus the promotion of cultural enterprises is deeply associated with the valuing of such territorial identity.

During these three years we produced some interesting material.


A Practical Guide for Supporting Cultural Enterprises Cultural and creative enterprises are a very particular kind of economic organizations; they could be originated by ideas that often rise from a cultural sentiment associated to a low business content or they could offer sophisticated and innovative solutions but often they are designed only for a market niche; typically this kind of enterprises are composed by entrepreneurs and people that have a professional background very far from managerial approaches. The Toolkit for Cultural Enterprise Incubators aims to give a contribution in terms of reflection, approach and managerial instruments.

The Creative Business Directorycreative business dir It is concluded the directory about the cultural and artistic enterprises that are part of ICE network. This edition gathers information about these SMEs and intends to contribute to the disclosure of their activity and products.