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Whispers I Short Movie

Crime does not pay

Whispers I Short Movie

Short movie directed by Ferran Brooks and produced by

From euromedia´s blog. Still in shock … I write. Just saw “Whispers” in my home theater and not only I liked it more than yesterday, from my laptop, but I really love it. Please do not try to watch this short from your laptop and if it can not be otherwise do so with the best headphones to enjoy it. Both musical composition, obsessive and shocking (Jan Morgensen), as the sound design, which bring you some elements that Juanma Liceras, I guess, he borrowed from the  “American Horror Story” provides much value to the show.

Ferran Brooks returns to seduce us with surprising turns, thereby directing a short obsessive and psychedelic … A piece of fantasy, broadly, in essence and presence will stun you. A story without artifice that the director used to introduce himself as a best example of filmmaker of his time. Brooks control the whole production and dominate technically and personally is able to achieve among other: the editing, compositing, post-production, photography and, as I pointed out, one of the best and most powerful “soundtracks” I’ve heard in a short.

“Whispers” is the story of a murderer who gets hooked and mask the real game of Brooks. A joke, made ​​of particles and smoke. Black smoke like a shadow which secret you will only discover at the end.

Highlight finally own right and the excellent work of graphic design poster. Intriguing, edgy, television, exciting … Personally, the best poster I’ve ever seen. Cool!

Paulino Cuevas I Exec. Producer