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QURRENT. Solar panels

QURRENT. Wind mills

Ardales wind mills
Shooting bubbles in Ardales wind mills
Shooting bubbles in a shore of a beach Marbella

Airwalls: inflatable chromas

Euromedia worked for Airscreens UK as part of the VFXs department during the production of the Episode IX of Star Wars: Thee Rise of Skywalker the production of the Episode IX of Star Wars. The movie was partially filmed in the desert of Wadi Rum in Aqaba, Jordan. During this production Airscreens set up more than 1000 m2 of green chroma for the VFXs department.

`The AirWall units can be used in multiple ways, not only a Visual FX Screen but also as location security screen to block access and give complete ground privacy to the set and film crews. Protect your investment by screening your set from prying public eyes and stray photography whilst still using the AirWall units as your Visual FX Screens. It can also be used for advertising purposes´.

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  • Mild temperatures with minimal rainfall throughout the year.
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