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The app of Game of Thrones

GOT appThe naked true is that Game of Thrones is my favourite tv show ever the second true is that this epic fantasy serie is breaking records of legal and ilegal audience. Besides the negative impact of piracy the fact is that legions of fans can not wait to see their favourite tv show in their respective countries.

The paradox is that the tv network HBO that produces the series is seeing rewarded investments by the huge catalogue of merchandising that is moving around the world. The 19 nominations for the Emmy Awards of this year will contribute definitely to the prestige and international sales of Game of Thrones in all kind of formats. All of that without mention Books sales turn it into a the “Thrones Fever”. Today I find out a video game that added quite some value to this series of books for those like me who just hear about the show make you happy if you know what I mean. I will prefer a third person triple A game kind of Call of Duty with huge swords, blood, dragons and castles but this RPG (Role Play Game) game was thought just to boost the start of the fourth season, back in March. In the begining only was thought for iPad.

Good news are that after partnered with Kongregate, today we can enjoy a web version and other two interesting versions for iPhone and iPod. I will not end with “Winter is Coming”… Well, yes, I did it again.