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Work with fixers? Risky business.

In film business many foreign companies want to work with a fixers that in some cases does not mean that you are having a person legaly update with tax system and the Social Security duties.

Why not hire the services of a local production company? For sure most probably will be more expensive but think before making the decision

Do you know? To request permission to shoot any public entity would also ask for references. You will be ask to complete an extensive questionnaire. Do you think a fixer can do it. The answer inmost cases (as far is not a Location Manager working as a fixer) will be negative.

Do you know? Road permits. To cut a road we need permission from the Ministry of Development of the Autonomous Community, the Directorate General of Traffic, the local police, the City Council and in same cases also the permission of the Natural Park. Do you think a fixer can make it for you? Some of them will succeed acting on your behalf but certanly a local production company knows.

Don´t forget that for shooing in National Roads we must follow and strict protocol and follow carefully standards regulations developed by Traffic Ministery.

Do you know? Civil infraestructures. If you want to shoot in a port of instance you will need the permission of the Port Authority, Customs and the Guardia Civil. The presentation of the documentation associated with these permits is very complete and exhaustive. This work is somewhat easier for a local producer or Location Manager, but extremely difficult for a fixer or a foreign producer who wants to make these arrangements directly. The confidence and experience demonstrated by the local company make it simply.

Do you know? Network. In any business is important to have a good network and the reputation of the service company worth gold to get things done.

We will fight to provide you with the best experience ever. Just let us do our job.