Just watch JOKER and I must say like it a lot. True that always be a fan of `The Batman´. The performance of Joaquin Phoenix is absolutely brilliant!

Very sad, dark, black humor and some dosis of violence (I read some comments and I expected a lot more). A film way far of what we are use to see in the comics (except the amazing illustrated book `Arkham Asylum´ written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Dave McKean) and  feature films. I felt almost like back in 2005 with `Batman Begins´ when for the first time in history Nolan brought the Batman to the place of madness that he always deserved. I guy that looks a lot like Joker or the other way around. A mask of a clown or a mask of a bat (and rest of gears). Who is more crazy? By the way you can take a look to the teaser `Batman: Arkham Asylum´ that Euromedia produced back in 2004 as a tribute to this comic and his creators: Morrison and MacKean.


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